500 Girl Cat Names: Ultimate List from Cute to Quirky

Are you a proud owner of a new female cat and struggling to find the perfect name for her? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 500 girl cat names to help you find the perfect fit for your new furry friend. From trendy to traditional, cute to unique, there is something for every cat owner to consider.

500 Best Girl Cat Names

Naming your cat can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Our list includes a variety of options to help you find the right name for your feline companion.

You can choose a name that is obviously “girly,” or you can opt for a name that could fit either girls or boys. You can even consider the names of flowers or food-inspired names. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you are looking for a name that is sweet and juicy like Clementine, or a name that packs a punch like Cayenne, our list has got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and browse through our extensive list of girl cat names to find the perfect fit for your new feline friend.

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Popular Trends in Girl Cat Names

Choosing a name for your new kitten or cat can be a daunting task. You want to find something that suits their personality and is easy to remember. Luckily, there are many popular trends in female cat names that can help inspire you.

One trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years is naming your cat after a character from a favorite book, movie, or TV show. Some popular options include Luna (from Harry Potter), Arya (from Game of Thrones), and Elsa (from Frozen).

Another trend is to give your cat a name that reflects their unique appearance. For example, you might consider names like Midnight, Onyx, or Raven for black cats. If your cat has white fur, you could choose names like Snowball, Ivory, or Pearl.

Many cat owners also choose names based on their cat’s personality. If your cat is playful and energetic, you might consider names like Sassy, Pepper, or Mischief. If your cat is more laid-back and relaxed, you could choose names like Zen, Serenity, or Calm.

Finally, some cat owners opt for a funny cat name or more unconventional names that are still cute and memorable. These might include names like Sprinkles, Twinkle, or Biscuit.

No matter what trend you choose to follow, the most important thing is to pick a name that you and your cat both love. After all, your cat will be with you for many years to come, and their name will become a part of their identity.

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Classic Girl Cat Names

If you’re looking for a timeless name for your female feline, you can’t go wrong with classic female cat names. These names have stood the test of time and are still popular today. Here are some classic girl cat names that you might want to consider.

Timeless Names

Timeless names are those that have been popular for decades and are still going strong. They’re classic and elegant, and they’ll never go out of style. Here are some timeless names for your girl cat:

  • Sophie: A sophisticated name for a sophisticated cat. It’s also a variant of the name Sophia, which means wisdom.
  • Lucy: A classic name that means light. It’s perfect for a cat with a bright and playful personality.
  • Molly: A cute name that’s ideal for a cat with a lot of energy.
  • Daisy: This name is perfect for a cat with a sunny personality. It’s also a nod to the cheerful flower.

Vintage Names

Vintage names are those that were popular in the past but have fallen out of favor in recent years. However, they’re making a comeback and are perfect female cat names for owners who want something out of the ordinary. Here are some vintage names that would be ideal for your girl cat:

  • Agatha: A sophisticated and elegant name that means good.
  • Clementine: A sweet and charming name that means merciful or gentle.
  • Dorothea: A classic name that means gift of God.
  • Harriet: A strong and independent name that means ruler of the home.
  • Matilda: A cute and quirky name that means mighty in battle.

These are just a few classic girl cat names that you might want to consider. Whether you choose a timeless or vintage name, your cat is sure to have a name that’s as stylish and charming as she is.

tabby cat with pink collar

Cultural Inspiration for Female Cat Names

Looking for a meaningful name for your female cat? Drawing inspiration from different cultures can help you choose a name that reflects your cat’s unique traits. Here are some cultural inspirations for girl cat names:

Japanese Names

Japanese names are often associated with beauty, elegance, and nature.

Consider naming your cat after a flower, such as Sakura (cherry blossom), Hana (flower), or Ume (plum blossom). Other popular Japanese names for female cats include Suki (beloved), Yumi (beauty), and Mika (beautiful).

Italian Names

Italian names are known for their musicality and romanticism. If you’re looking for a name that rolls off the tongue, consider Bella (beautiful), Gianna (God is gracious), or Lucia (light). Other popular Italian names for female cats include Sofia (wisdom), Isabella (God is my oath), and Rosa (rose).

French Names

French names are often associated with sophistication and elegance. If you’re looking for a name that exudes class, consider naming your cat after a French city, such as Paris, Marseille, or Lyon. Other popular French names for female cats include Amélie (hardworking), Colette (victorious), and Chantal (stone).

No matter what culture you draw inspiration from, remember to choose a name that resonates with you and your cat. After all, your cat’s name is a reflection of her personality.

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Creative and Unique Girl Cat Names

If you’re looking for a name that’s a little bit different, there are plenty of creative and unique cat names to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Literary Names

If you’re a book lover, why not name your cat after a favorite character or author? Some literary-inspired cat names include:

  • Minerva (from Harry Potter)
  • Annabeth (from Percy Jackson)
  • Atticus (from To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • Poe (after Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Sappho (after the Greek poet)

Food Names

If you’re a foodie, why not give your cat a name inspired by your favorite dish? Some food-inspired cat names include:

  • Sushi
  • Biscotti
  • Mochi
  • Bagel
  • Cinnamon

Pop Culture Names

If you’re a fan of movies, TV shows, or music, consider a pop culture-inspired name for your cat. Some options include:

  • Khaleesi (from Game of Thrones)
  • Arya (from Game of Thrones)
  • Daenerys (from Game of Thrones)
  • Beyoncé (after the singer)
  • Gaga (after Lady Gaga)

Whatever name you choose, make sure it’s a good fit for your cat personality and temperament. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a great name for your new kitty!

Nature-Inspired Names

If you’re looking for a unique name for your girl cat, why not consider a nature-inspired name? From floral to celestial names, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some name ideas to get you started:

Floral and Plant Names

Floral names are a popular choice for girl cats. They are sweet, feminine and reflect the beauty of nature. Here are some options:

  • Lily: A delicate and elegant name for a graceful cat.
  • Rose: A classic and timeless name for a cat that exudes beauty.
  • Iris: A unique and exotic name for a cat with striking eyes.
  • Poppy: A vibrant and playful name for a cat that loves to have fun.
  • Willow: A graceful name for a gentle feline.

Celestial Names

Celestial names are inspired by the stars and planets. They are mystical, magical and perfect for a cat that is out of this world. Here are some options:

  • Luna: An ethereal and beautiful name for a cat that is a moon goddess.
  • Stella: A celestial name that means “star” in Latin.
  • Rainbow: A cool name that’s well-suited to a cat with personality.
  • Nova: A name that means “new” or “bright” and is perfect for a cat that brings light to your life.
  • Aurora: A name that means “dawn” and is perfect for a cat that brings a new day to your life.
  • Celeste: A name that means “heavenly” and is perfect for a cat that is your little angel.

These are just a few nature-inspired names to consider for your girl cat. Whether you choose a floral or celestial name, you can be sure that your cat will have a unique and special name that reflects the beauty of nature.

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Colorful Names for Your Feline

If you’re looking for a unique and colorful name for your female cat, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Calico Cat Names

Calico cats are known for their beautiful coats of white, black, and orange. Consider naming your calico cat after her colorful coat, such as:

  • Autumn
  • Callie
  • Ember
  • Ginger
  • Harley
  • Pepper
  • Pumpkin
  • Rusty
  • Saffron

Tortoiseshell Cat Names

Tortoiseshell cats have orange, brown, and black coats. These cats have a unique and beautiful coloring that can inspire some creative name choices. Here are some ideas:

  • Cocoa
  • Hazel
  • Maple
  • Marbled
  • Mocha
  • Nutmeg
  • Sienna
  • Toffee

Tabby Cat Names

Tabby cats have a distinctive coat pattern that can range from light to dark. These cats can be named after their coat color or pattern, such as:

  • Amber
  • Ash
  • Caramel
  • Charcoal
  • Chestnut
  • Copper
  • Goldie
  • Sandy
  • Silver
  • Tiger

No matter what your cat’s coloring is, there are plenty of colorful names to choose from. A unique and colorful name can be a great way to celebrate your cat’s individuality.

long haired kitten sitting next to plants

Character-Inspired Girl Cat Names

If you’re a fan of literature or movies, you might want to consider giving your female cat a name inspired by your favorite characters. Here are some ideas for literary and movie-inspired cat names:

Literary Names

  • Hermione – Inspired by the beloved character from the Harry Potter series, Hermione is a great name for a smart and curious cat.
  • Katniss – Named after the fierce heroine from The Hunger Games, Katniss is a great name for a strong and independent cat.
  • Luna – Inspired by the quirky and lovable character from the Harry Potter series, Luna is a great name for a cat with a unique personality.
  • Alice – Named after the adventurous protagonist from Alice in Wonderland, Alice is a great name for a curious and playful cat.
  • Scout – Inspired by the spunky and brave character from To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is a great name for a cat with a lot of personality.

Cute Cat Names from Movies

  • Leia – Named after the fearless and iconic Star Wars character, Leia is a great name for a strong and independent cat.
  • Elsa – Inspired by the powerful and magical character from Frozen, Elsa is a great name for a cat with a regal presence.
  • Holly – Named after the classic character from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Holly is a great name for a cat with a sophisticated and elegant personality.
  • Mulan – Inspired by the brave and determined character from Mulan, Mulan is a great name for a cat with a strong and independent spirit.
  • Bella – Named after the beloved character from Twilight, Bella is a great name for a cat with a mysterious and alluring personality.

These are just a few ideas for character-inspired cat names. You can also look to your favorite books and movies for inspiration and come up with your own unique names.

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Names Based on Personality Traits

Choosing the purr-fect name for your female feline friend can be hard work. However, one way to make the process easier is by selecting a name that reflects the essence of your cat traits. Here are some ideas:

Bold and Adventurous

If your cat is fearless and adventurous, consider a name that reflects her bold personality. Some examples include:

  • Rogue
  • Phoenix
  • Rebel
  • Blaze
  • Stormy

Sweet and Affectionate

If your cat is a cuddle bug and loves to be loved, choose a name that reflects her sweet and affectionate nature. Some examples include:

  • Cupcake
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Sweetie
  • Angel

Independent and Mysterious

If your cat is independent and likes to do her own thing, consider a name that reflects her mysterious nature. Some examples include:

  • Mystique
  • Shadow
  • Raven
  • Onyx
  • Cleopatra

Playful and Energetic

If your cat is always on the go and loves to play, choose a name that reflects her playful and energetic personality. Some examples include:

  • Bubbles
  • Sparky
  • Ziggy
  • Mischief
  • Sassy

Calm and Serene

If your cat is calm and serene, choose a name that reflects her peaceful nature. Some examples include:

  • Serenity
  • Harmony
  • Zen
  • Tranquility
  • Bliss
grey tabby kitten with pink collar

An Ultimate List of 400 More Cat Names

Still not found the perfect girl cat name? Here are 400 more to choose from!

  1. Abby
  2. Ally
  3. Amelia
  4. Angelica
  5. Angelina
  6. Anise
  7. Annabelle
  8. Annie
  9. Apple
  10. Araminta
  11. Aria
  12. Ariana
  13. Ariel
  14. Arizona
  15. Artemis
  16. Ashanti
  17. Ashley
  18. Ashlin
  19. Ava
  20. Baby
  21. Bailey
  22. Bandit
  23. Bastet
  24. Belle
  25. Berry
  26. Bessie
  27. Betty
  28. Bianca
  29. Billie
  30. Biscuit
  31. Blue
  32. Boba
  33. Bonnie
  34. Boo
  35. Boots
  36. Brooklyn
  37. Brownie
  38. Bubbly
  39. Buffy
  40. Bunny
  41. Buttercup
  42. Butterscotch
  43. Cali
  44. Calypso
  45. Carina
  46. Casey
  47. Cassie
  48. Cathy
  49. Catnip
  50. Chanel
  51. Charlie
  52. Charlotte
  53. Chelsea
  54. Cherish
  55. Cherry
  56. Cheshire
  57. Chloe
  58. Choco
  59. Cicely
  60. Cinder
  61. Cinderella
  62. Cindy
  63. Circe
  64. Clawdia
  65. Cleo
  66. Cleocatra
  67. Cloud
  68. Clover
  69. Coco
  70. Comet
  71. Confetti
  72. Cookie
  73. Cora
  74. Creampuff
  75. Crepe
  76. Crystal
  77. Cuddles
  78. Cupid
  79. Curly
  80. Dakota
  81. Damsel
  82. Daphne
  83. Dash
  84. Delilah
  85. Destiny
  86. Diamond
  87. Dinah
  88. Dipper
  89. Diva
  90. Dixie
  91. Dizzy
  92. Doja
  93. Dolly
  94. Dora
  95. Dottie
  96. Duchess
  97. Dusty
  98. Ebony
  99. Echo
  100. Eden
  101. Eleven
  102. Ella
  103. Ellie
  104. Emily
  105. Emma
  106. Emmeline
  107. Emmy
  108. Eugenia
  109. Eva
  110. Eve
  111. Evie
  112. Fairy
  113. Faith
  114. Feisty
  115. Fiona
  116. Fire
  117. Fizzy
  118. Fluffy
  119. Francine
  120. Frankie
  121. Freya
  122. Fur-gie
  123. Fuzzy
  124. Gabi
  125. Giggles
  126. Gigi
  127. Girly
  128. Giselle
  129. Gizmo
  130. Grace
  131. Gracie
  132. Gretchen
  133. Gypsy
  134. Halo
  135. Hannah
  136. Happy
  137. Hazel
  138. Hecate
  139. Heidi
  140. Hester
  141. Hope
  142. India
  143. Indigo
  144. Ivory
  145. Ivy
  146. Izzy
  147. Jade
  148. Jasmine
  149. Jazzy
  150. Jellybean
  151. Jennifur
  152. Jessie
  153. Jewel
  154. Jinx
  155. Josie
  156. Joy
  157. Judith
  158. Judy
  159. Juliet
  160. Juniper
  161. Juno
  162. Kallie
  163. Kamala
  164. Karma
  165. Katie
  166. Keira
  167. Kiki
  168. Kira
  169. Kitten
  170. Kitty
  171. Kona
  172. Kylie
  173. Lacey
  174. Lady
  175. Lara
  176. Latte
  177. Lavender
  178. Layla
  179. Leila
  180. Lexi
  181. Libby
  182. Lil
  183. Lila
  184. Lilo
  185. Liv
  186. Lizzie
  187. Loki
  188. Lola
  189. Lolly
  190. Lottie
  191. Louise
  192. Lucille
  193. Lucky
  194. Lulu
  195. Lupa
  196. Lynx
  197. Lyra
  198. Macy
  199. Madame
  200. Maddie
  201. Madeline
  202. Madison
  203. Madonna
  204. Maggie
  205. Maisy
  206. Mallow
  207. Mama
  208. Mandy
  209. Margarita
  210. Marilyn
  211. Marley
  212. Maxine
  213. Maya
  214. Meg
  215. Meggie
  216. Mellow
  217. Mia
  218. Midnight
  219. Miley
  220. Milky
  221. Millie
  222. Milly
  223. Mimi
  224. Mimsy
  225. Mina
  226. Minky
  227. Minnie
  228. Minta
  229. Minty
  230. Miracle
  231. Misha
  232. Miss Kitty
  233. Missy
  234. Misty
  235. Mittens
  236. Mitzi
  237. Mog
  238. Molly
  239. Momo
  240. Monroe
  241. Morticia
  242. Moscato
  243. Moxie
  244. Muffin
  245. Mya
  246. Nala
  247. Natasha
  248. Nemesis
  249. Nightshade
  250. Niki
  251. Nikki
  252. Nina
  253. Noel
  254. Nora
  255. Olive
  256. Olivia
  257. Ophelia
  258. Oreo
  259. Paisley
  260. Pancake
  261. Pandora
  262. Panther
  263. Parsley
  264. Patch
  265. Patches
  266. Peaches
  267. Peanut
  268. Pearl
  269. Pebbles
  270. Penelope
  271. Penny
  272. Persephone
  273. Petunia
  274. Pez
  275. Phoebe
  276. Pinky
  277. Piper
  278. Pipi
  279. Pippa
  280. Pita
  281. Pixie
  282. Polly
  283. Popcorn
  284. Portia
  285. Precious
  286. Princess
  287. Priscilla
  288. Promise
  289. Purrsia
  290. Queenie
  291. Reese
  292. Ri-Ri
  293. Riley
  294. Ripley
  295. Roo
  296. Rosemary
  297. Rosie
  298. Roxy
  299. Ruby
  300. Ruffles
  301. Rumi
  302. Sable
  303. Sabrina
  304. Sadie
  305. Sage
  306. Sally
  307. Sam
  308. Samantha
  309. Sarah
  310. Sasha
  311. Savannah
  312. Scarlett
  313. Scribbles
  314. Selena
  315. Serafina
  316. Sheba
  317. Shelby
  318. Sherbert
  319. Shiloh
  320. Sierra
  321. Sigrid
  322. Simone
  323. Siren
  324. Sissy
  325. Skittles
  326. Skye
  327. Smokey
  328. Smooches
  329. Smudge
  330. Snowball
  331. Snowflake
  332. Snuffy
  333. Socks
  334. Solstice
  335. Sophia
  336. Sphynx
  337. Spice
  338. Spooky
  339. Sprinkles
  340. Star
  341. Storm
  342. Summer
  343. Sundae
  344. Sunny
  345. Sunshine
  346. Supreme
  347. Suzy
  348. Swift
  349. Tabby
  350. Tabitha
  351. Talia
  352. Talli
  353. Tallulah
  354. Tasha
  355. Taylor
  356. Tessa
  357. Thalia
  358. Thorn
  359. Thyme
  360. Tia
  361. Tiffany
  362. Tiger Lily
  363. Tigger
  364. Tiggy
  365. Tilly
  366. Tina
  367. Tink
  368. Tinkerbell
  369. Tootsie
  370. Tori
  371. Treasure
  372. Trixie
  373. Twinkie
  374. Twinkle
  375. Una
  376. Ursula
  377. Violet
  378. Viv
  379. Vixen
  380. Whiskers
  381. Whisper
  382. Winner
  383. Winnie
  384. Wuzzles
  385. Xandra
  386. Xanthe
  387. Xena
  388. Xenia
  389. Yara
  390. Yasmine
  391. Yoyo
  392. Zara
  393. Zelda
  394. Zendaya
  395. Zennie
  396. Zephyr
  397. Zippy
  398. Ziva
  399. Zoey
  400. Zsa Zsa

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